Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

How to select shower tile

How to select shower tile

Neutral Tile Colors work best in Showers

Neutral Tile Colors work best in Showers

Bathroom Shower Tile ideas

When deciding on new tile for your renovated shower, it is important to not deviate too much from the original design of your bathroom. I always believed that you should be designing your bathroom for the next family who may buy your house. With that in mind look for tile that is modern yet neutral and fits within the existing design of your bathroom. Also decide what type of budget you want to stay with because tile can get very expensive.

Tips on types of tile to use in your new shower

Tip #1 – Go with small tile on the shower pan floor.
Since their is such a curvature on your shower pan floor, it is a good idea to go will small square or small rectangular tiles that can conform with the pan.

Tip #2 – Use neutral colored shower tiles.
Always think of the future of your home and if it will stand the test of the future design. Pick neutral colors that go with your existing colors of your bathroom. Browns, tans, and sandy colored tiles are a sure bet. New home buyers are always more receptive to neutral tones.

Tip #3 – Use varying shower tile shapes.
Use small tiles on shower pan floor, large shower  tiles on the walls, and medium tiles as center border around the shower. Instead of using the same size of shower tile, varying sizes and colors can give your shower a dramatic design effect. Also small glass tiles in shampoo niches can give your shower design the extra pop it needs.

Tip #4 – Use white subway tiles.
Subway tiles are very trendy right now but have stood the test of time. White subway tiles can give your bathroom the clean, neutral look you may be going for.

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