Choosing the Right Wall Mount Shower – DIY Shower Remodel

Moen Adler Posi Temp

Moen Adler Posi Temp

DIY Shower Remodel

So I finally got tired of the low pressure our old Delta 300 showers were putting out. It was time to replace our wall mounted shower valves and shower heads. There are a ton of options when it comes to valve and shower replacement. I was looking for something inexpensive but high quality.

Here are a few steps to choose the right wall mount shower:

Step 1: Decide on your budget and functions

I was was wanting a quality shower with my budget in mind. I was wanting something not fancy but functional with good water pressure under $100 dollars. There are multiple options for that price point.

Step 2: Look at online reviews

Reviews on sites like or are extremely helpful and can give you a general idea and direction on your purchase. Usually people will give an honest opinion on their purchase especially if they are really happy or really disappointed.

Step 3: Quality matters and brand name matters

I ended up buying Moen Adler Shower fixtures based on positive customer reviews, Moen’s lifetime warranty and support, ease of installation, installation options, and price.

Step 4: Ease of installation and maintenance

Cartridge maintenance is a snap in case of a seal leak. Cartridges come out easily by removing a pin and pulling the cartridge out with some needle nose pliers.

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