DIY Shower Plumbing – Step by Step

Replacing Corroded Shower Pipes

Replacing Corroded Shower Pipes

DIY Shower Plumbing

So I just thought I was going to be re-tiling my shower. Nope, When I opened up my shower walls I found corroded galvanized pipes and plugged up rusty pipes which would explain the water pressure issue in my shower. If you have the gumption, you can replace the corroded plumbing and shower valves yourself. If you are not comfortable, by all means contact a plumber. My initial thought on this repair was to replace the valve seals in my old delta valves and call it good, but ended up replacing everything. Since I have two shower heads in my shower, that meant twice the work.

So here are a few helpful steps to going about replacing corroded galvanized pipes and shower valves.

Step 1: Gather your tools and supplies!

Reciprocating saw with metal blade, Vise Grip pliers x 2, pipe wrench, WD 40, long neck lighter or small torch, replacement galvanized pipes and fittings, and plumbing tape.

Step 2: Turn off water and attack corroded shower pipes!

If possible, try loosening horizontal pipes with pipe wrench. If that doesn’t work spray WD 40 on the threads. If that doesn’t work put some heat on the threads with a torch or a long neck lighter. If that doesn’t work get the reciprocating saw out and saw out the infected area.

Step 3: Remove and inspect supply pipes

If possible remove and replace all galvanized horizontal and 90 degree elbows as these areas tend to collect the most rusty deposits which restricts water flow. Make sure to measure the lengths of replacement pipe so you can accurately purchase the right fittings.

Step 4: Putting it back together

With all your fittings, unions, and new shower valves it is time to put the puzzle back together. Make sure you use plumbers tape for the threading and make sure pipes are tightened so there are no leaks.

Step 5: TEST, TEST, TEST for leaks!

DIY Shower Pipe Replacement

The new shower plumbing

DIY Shower Plumbing

Shower Plumbing Gone!

DIY Shower Valve Corrosion

Don’t forget to measure

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