Shower Built In Shelves and Niches – DIY Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Shower Built In Shelves

Bathroom Shower Built In Shelves

Ideas and Steps to Shower Built In Shelves and Niches

Shower built in shelves is a great option in getting shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, and razors up off the shower pan floor. Reclaiming shower floor space with help free up space for you to wash up with out bumping into or knocking over everything,

Steps to consider while building a recessesd shower niche

Step #1: While renovating shower, plan how large or small you want your niches of shelving to be.

Tile Shower Built In Shelves

Tile Shower Built In Shelves

Step #2: Measure the heights of shampoo bottles, and shaving creams you use and how many bottles you will have stacked end to end.

Step #3: Determine where the niche is going to be placed in relation to your tile so that you can have clean tile lines around your niche.

Step #4: Once the location is set, cut the hole in the backer board based on your layout. Make sure to save squares that you cut out for the back of the niche.

Step #5: Install 2×4 pieces of lumber to frame out the niche box.

Step #6: Install backer board on lumber pieces and the back of the niche with backer board fasteners.

Step #7: Waterproof the niche with RedGard and fiberglass membrane which will help the niche from cracking.

Once your niche box has been built out consider building a shelf an additional shelf depending on how tall your niche is.

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