Shower Wall Tile Backer Board Installation Tips

Backer Board Fasteners Screws, shower wall backer board

Backer Board Fasteners Screws

Using Multi Tool to Cut Backer Board, shower wall backer board

Using Multi Tool to Cut Backer Board

Once all the studs were exposed and cleaned of nails it was time to install the shower wall backer board. This is an exciting time and the base of your tile so take you time and make sure you get it perfect.

Here are some quick hints on cement board or shower wall backer board installation:

Hint #1:  Mark location of studs. This saves time and wasted backer board screws.
Hint #2:  Make sure you have the proper thickness of backer board. Usually 5/8 to 1/2 thickness. I am using 1/2. Sometimes your backer board needs to match existing dry wall thickness.
Hint #3: Make sure you have enough backer board. Usually you will need more than you think especially around door, window, and shampoo niches.

Tools needed to secure backer board or concrete board to studs in your shower:

Tool #1: Pencil or marker to mark studs and cuts on backer board.
Tool#2: Utility knife to score and cut backer board and backer board mesh
Tool #3: Level to level board into place especially the first board.
Tool #4: Dust mask or respirator. When cutting or sweeping up a mess from backer board, it creates a fine dust that is easily kicked up. Not good for your lungs!!!
Tool #5: Tape measure for obvious reasons
Tool #6:  Drill for securing boards to studs.
Tools #7: Backer board screws. You will need more than you think!
Tools #8: Multi-cutting tool. to cut light circles and valve circles.

Cutting backer board is easy with a utility knife. Just score and bend then cut through fiberglass mesh in the board. When fastening the boards make sure screws are no more than eight inches apart

When securing the lower pieces of backer board, it is recommend keep backer board a 1/4 inch above shower pan.

Once you have your board all up, seal joints with mesh fiberglass tape and mortar. Here are a couple links to cement board manufacturers: James Hardie USG DuraRock

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